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PUBG Tournament App Aia With Admin App aia.

PUBG Tournament App Aia With Admin App aia.

Hello Guys!!
In this blog I will provide to all of u PUBG Tournament Aia File. In Aia File I use Firebase Data base to connect admin app and user app and Use Airtable Spreadsheets Database to Manage All user Entry in match.
For Login system I use Firebase Auth Component of Kodular.You Can also See Google Sign in Method in User app.
In admin app I used email and password Option.

Admin App:

In Admin App you can Create Matches, There are very selective and dropdown option on created match.  All maps Like Erangle,Vikende,Shanhok and other,a ll are game type option in admin app.
These following features are in admin app:-
  • Create Matches
  • Check all matches
  • Add winner to matches
  • Change payment Urls

User App:

User App i designed for global User.With Simple and Easy interface.
Following features are in user App:-

  • Sign in with google
  • Join Match
  • Check Match Result
  • Check already joined matches
  • Add Balance
  • Add Payment method

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    2. Hlo sir pls make a video for this app I don't no what do